Jasper Gua Sha Tool
Jasper Gua Sha Tool

Jasper Gua Sha Tool

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The Wilder North Longevity Radiance tool was designed with an emphasis on promoting circulation and encouraging lymph movement from the neck and chest area – both responsible for promoting radiant and clear-looking skin. It’s scooped notch is ideal for the neck and jaw while its many teeth stimulate circulation. Each curve has been crafted for optimal benefits.

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing technique used to support the lymphatic system and relax the face, which can promote clearer and smoother looking skin. One of the main benefits of Gua Sha is decreased appearance of puffiness, purification, healthy circulation, and activating the skins natural ability to renew. This leads to clearer, nourished, glowing skin. Gua Sha massage can also relieve muscle tension, reducing heart and facial expressions such as frown lines.

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**Always apply a facial oil first before doing Gua Sha massage. The Seasons IV Face Oil pairs perfectly with this type of massage.