A Time Of Change And Rebirth

A Time of Change and Rebirth

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

You may have noticed that I did not reach out last week with a message and it was for good reason. I wanted to pause and reflect on all that is happening around us. So much. So heavy. So much pain and so much hope that something positive will emerge from it.

Our world and our society is going through a transformation and I believe that we will be stronger, enlightened, loving, and better humans when the dust has settled. I am doing my part, in my own way, to help. I hope you are too.

Major Update

After weeks of digging down deep to figure out what the next steps are for me and my business, I am choosing to (temporarily) close the doors to my physical practice at the end of this month (June- in case you are as lost as I am with what day/month it is!) Having the time to pause has allowed me to focus on what direction I want Rachel Ferraro Esthetics to go in. Those next steps are product development, focusing on bringing you the best products to care for your skin at home, growing my brand through my website and landing a new location for me to expand my practice, completely on my own.

I will not give you an exact timeline as to when my physical doors will re-open, but I will definitely be keeping you updated on the process. I only hope that you can support me through this process and know that I will be there to greet you with open arms (if we are allowed to hug by then!) when I am ready. Thank you for understanding and please know, this was not an easy decision. In the interim, I may be offering mobile services. Please contact me if you are interested in this possibility.

The Nitty Gritty

For those of you that have gift certificates that you have purchased or received a gift certificate, there are a few options for you. You can, of course, hang on to it and use it when I re-open. And if it is an online gift certificate, you can use it on my website to purchase products. Please contact me with any questions regarding this.

Also, anyone that is local (15-20 min away), please know you can always choose “in-store pick up” when you check out online to avoid shipping charges. You then can either pick up your products at my home or if I am out and about, I would be happy to drop them off to your door.

New (but old) Products

The re-release of the super popular Refine Mask is HERE!! It has the same fabulous ingredients, plus a few more, and it is now a two-step process. This ensures that you can customize your ritual whenever your skin needs.

This mask has so many powerful ingredients, such as bentonite clay, Matcha green tea, neem, nettle and chlorella- which all work magically together to heal, calm and replenish the skin. Refine is fantastic for hormonal breakouts, at any age, and when you’re feeling like your skin needs a “pick me up!”

The ever popular Gratitude Multi-Purpose Oil is now in a 4oz bottle!! So many clients said they wanted more of this incredible product and now they have it. This is that “go to” product you can take with you to cover all of your bases. It is a fantastic oil cleanser (makeup remover), facial oil serum, body oil, and hair serum to tame the fuzz.

The Lotus Flower

The symbol of my brand is the lotus flower. It is a flower that has always amazed me. With its roots based in mud, it miraculously blooms, through murky water, beautiful and unscathed. It symbolizes rebirth, triumph, and enlightenment. In some cultures, they place the importance on the lotus’ ability to rise above the water and stand strongly on its own. So much of this is applicable right now. Take what you will from this.

Personally, I can only hope that something beautiful, like the lotus, will grow from all of this.

Stay well and as always, thank you for reading.

With so much gratitude,