If you are in the vicinity of Woodbine, Maryland, you can now schedule your services with Rachel online!

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Please note: All waxing and facial services require filling out the proper intake form prior to your appointment. If you book online, the intake form will be part of your reservation flow.

Rachel Ferraro Esthetics protects the skins integrity with non-invasive techniques that provide fantastic results. Rachel believes that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it! That is what is at the core of every treatment we offer.

Each treatment will be customized to your skin’s needs that day and in keeping with our holistic approach to skincare, we will discuss any concerns or changes with your skin you might have before every treatment.

We use only handcrafted, plant based, and small batch made products to create a beautiful ritual that will nourish, heal and bring vibrancy to your skin!

Facial Offerings:

45 Min Facial - $90
Short on time? This facial will still leave you feeling refreshed and pampered. It is also a fantastic option for teens and tweens!

(Please note that you will not need to change into a facial gown for this treatment. It strictly focuses on the face.) 

60 Min Facial - $115

This treatment will allow more time to include a shoulder, neck and facial massage, two customized masks, light extractions and a scalp massage! This is a client favorite.

(Please note you will need to change into a facial gown so that the neck, decollete and face will all get some love!)

75 Min Facial - $135

This facial includes all the bells and whistles! You will have two customized masks, light extractions(if needed), shoulder, neck, facial, scalp and foot massage. It will also include Gua Sha or facial cupping as part of the facial massage. This treatment will have you fully relaxed and pampered from head to toe!

(Please note you will need to change into a facial gown so that the neck, decollete and face will all get some love!)

90 Minute Facial- $170

This luxurious treatment pampers all of the senses. Relax and enjoy some locally blended tea prior to your facial and take a bag home to brew later on! You will then enjoy a facial that will include two curated masks, multiple facial modalities which can include facial cupping, various Gua Sha tools and honey tapping, as well as shoulder, neck, scalp and foot massage. A gold jade mask will be applied to ease any tension, reduce puffiness and soothe the skin.

(Please note you will need to change into a facial gown so that the neck, decollete and face will all get some love!)

​Rachel Ferraro Esthetics uses wax products that are FREE of
plastics (so much better for the environment!), chemicals, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, or artificial fragrance!

All of this means you can rest assured that you will have a safer and more comfortable waxing experience!

** For best results, please allow 2-3 weeks worth of hair growth before coming for your waxing appointment. **

Waxing Services:
• Eyebrow wax $21
• Lip/Cheek/Chin Wax $14
• Basic Bikini Wax $35+
• French Bikini Wax $50+
• Underarm Wax $20
• Half Leg $45
• Full Leg $70

Whether you have light-colored brows and lashes or just want to make them pop, we have got you covered! Rachel Ferraro Esthetics loves to help their clients feel and look their best without all the harsh chemicals and toxins. Most dyes and tints contain toxins and parabens that are harmful to our health. We use a vegetable-based dye that works just as good, if not better! ​This color does not stain the skin for more than 48 hours so this service is meant to just tint the hair that is there. With proper home care, the color can last for up to six weeks!

Tinting services:
-Brow Tint and Brow Clean Up $35
-Lash Tint $25
-Brow Tint (no clean up) $20