Due to Covid-19, we have temporarily paused our onsite services. In the meantime, our online store is open 24/7 and, if you need advice, please contact Rachel.

When we are ready to open our onsite services again, here is what we specialize in...

​Rachel Ferraro Esthetics wants to help you look and feel your best. We offer a variety of waxing services to fit almost everyone's needs. We use a cruelty-free hard and strip waxes for facial and body waxing.

Please note: For best results, allow 2-3 weeks worth of hair growth before coming for your waxing appointment.

Waxing Services:
• Eyebrow
• Lip
• Chin
• Basic Bikini
• French Bikini
• Underarm
• Arm - Half
• Arm - Full
• Leg - Half
• Leg - Full

Waxing Intake Form

Rachel Ferraro Esthetics not only helps revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, she ensures a relaxing experience with every appointment. Power half hour facial or a 60-minute facial, your skin will feel rejuvenated and refreshed! She uses organic, clean, and cruelty- free products supplied by Dawn Lorraine, and of course, Rachel Ferraro Esthetics. These products are organic with a natural scent combined with the BEST active ingredients to transform the skin. 

Rachel incorporates these products into her facials and relies on exfoliating masks and fruit acids to achieve optimal results. She even adds sonic dermabrasion, facial cupping and Gua Sha to her facials to boost your results.  Rachel Ferraro Esthetics protects the skins integrity with non-invasive techniques that provide striking results. 

Rachel believes that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it! 

Skin Care Intake Form

Whether you have light-colored brows and lashes or just want to make them pop, we have got you covered! Rachel Ferraro Esthetics loves to help their clients feel and look their best without all the harsh chemicals and toxins. Most dyes and tints contain toxins and parabens that are harmful to our health. We use a vegetable-based dye that works just as good, if not better! ​

Tinting services:
• Eyebrow
• ​Lash

Most of you have heard of body cupping from its popularity with Olympic athletes and probably wondered why the heck would someone want to do that?  But it provides the body with wonderful benefits. Facial cupping differs from body cupping in that it uses small cups that are slowly moved around the face to offer amazing results. 

Rachel Ferraro Esthetics offers this service to clients to help promote better circulation, reduce puffiness, soften those fine lines and wrinkles, and help the skin absorb all those yummy ingredients Rachel uses on your skin during your treatment! 

Wedding? Prom? Going on vacation? Rachel Ferraro Esthetics provides clients with the most natural, custom airbrush spray tans.

We use SunFX which has NO artificial preservatives, alcohols, parabens, glycols, or other toxins that most spray tans contain. 

Dead of Winter or middle of July, everyone deserves a natural looking tan without the effects of the Sun's harmful rays. ​