Be Proud

Be Proud - Solara

Hi there!
I am doing my weekly check in. I hope you have been enjoying them, so far. Please share any and all feedback that you have!!
I hope you are taking care of yourself, inside and out. Although its been a chilly April here in Maryland, I have been enjoying walks with my girls—four legged and two legged- these days. Just getting out, breathing some fresh air, and moving has helped my sanity and mood tremendously.
I miss MOVING! I know that may sound a little silly, but I hadnt ever really paid attention to how much I move all week long for work. My job is definitely a physical one and although there are nights that my legs ache and my dogs are barking,” (aka I should have worn better shoes) I miss that feeling. So, my walks have helped to keep that blood flowing and the legs moving. Thats what we have to do—KEEP MOVING!
RFE Update
I still do not have much to update you on as far as a definitive re-opening date and I truly wish I did. My astrological sign is Cancer and I am one, through and through. I like things calm, I dont like drama, and like everyone around me to be happy. Needless to say, I am not loving the current state, for many reasons. However, I promise to keep planning and moving forward and I will update you as soon as I have more information. 
The newest addition to my skincare offerings, Solara Suncare, is doing SO well!! Clients are loving this truly clean sunscreen that has so many benefits to the skin, aside from just protecting it. 
I am fully stocked on ALL of my RFE products, so if you have been waiting to order because my virtual shelves” looked a bit bare, go ahead and stock up! Its all there now. Remember with the code SELFCARE”, you get 10% off your entire order. 
Less is More
I have had so many questions from clients about what they should be doing while they are home, as far as skin care goes. Everyone is trying to overhaul everything right now, whether it is office space, home, yard, etc., and skincare products included. Although I agree that now is a great time to take a look at what your skin care regimen is and maybe making small changes to improve what your daily skincare habits are, but overhauling it in one shot is not ideal. 
Pulling out all of the samples you had underneath your sink (some of which I am SURE have expired and are not nearly as effective) is really not a great idea. Starting and stopping your routine by changing products daily or weekly can wreak havoc on your skin. Its just too much and it doesn’t allow your skin to ever really receive the benefits of what you are using. 
A few things you CAN do is exfoliate regularly. Twice a week is ideal. Something as simple as cleansing and moisturizing your skin morning AND night makes such a big difference, so perhaps simply making that your goal will make a big difference. Maybe adding a serum daily is new to you or using an eye cream—both of which make such a BIG difference in your skin—especially long term. 
Be Proud
My daughter turned nine this week, which is just craziness, because I literally have no idea where 9 years have gone. The night before her birthday, we were talking and I told her how proud I was of her. Her response to me was, Mommy, I am so proud of myself.” Yes, of course my eyes watered a little, but it was like a light bulb went off. 
When do we ever say OUT LOUD that we are PROUD of ourselves? Why do we not celebrate our accomplishments, big or small, everyday? Its something so simple, but it means so much. Think about how much it means to you when someone tells you they are proud of you, whether its a friend, a spouse, a boss or a coworker. Why do we not say it to ourselves? Maybe this is something you already do, and if you do, good for you! If not, I hope you start to now. I know, I will. 
With so much gratitude,