Creating Space

Creating Space

Happy Wednesday!
Today’s note is going to be short and sweet - with just a few thoughts to share. I am sure I will make up for it in the next week or two!!
Create Space
This past week has been all about “creating space” - for myself, my family and what lies ahead. It started with creating fun and practical study spaces for the kiddos, using mostly things we had around the house already, then it moved onto me making a better work space for my products, and then it trickled down into mentally making space for what this new future will bring.

It is amazing how those small changes have helped shape a better outlook on what these next few months will look like. We are in unchartered territory, which is unnerving, but creating the space to allow everything to move forward, however that may be, makes me feel like I am making progress. Perhaps finding ways to make that space in your life - whatever that looks like - will help you too.

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Today’s quote is from an unknown author.

“When you let go, you create space for better things to enter your life.”

We have had to let go of a lot so far, this year, but let’s hope that it is making space for something even greater to come along.
As always, thank you for reading.

With so much gratitude,