Debunking Hair Removal Myths

Debunking Hair Removal Myths

Happy Wednesday!
I wanted to share that I recently spent time with a dear friend and we created vision boards, which is something I had not done before. My girls joined in and made their own, as well. We sorted through magazines to find inspirational quotes and pictures to create our vision for the rest of the year. Clearly any planning or vision we previously had in our minds has gone right out the window!!
I have to admit that putting it all down on paper really felt good. My friend emphasized the fact that you should pay attention to things you are drawn to. I noticed that I ended up with phrases like, “moving forward,” “second act,” and “you can change your life,” so clearly there was a pattern in there...
Whether it’s journaling or vision boards- it’s all good. Just creating a space for you to see where you would like life to go and then watching where it all unfolds, is so good. If you make one and want to share it, please do! I would love to see it.
RFE Products
New products are coming soon- I promise! I am just putting the final touches on them and my goal is to have them on my “shelves” by early September.
Recently, I have had lots of fabulous feedback on Clear - my spot/pimple treatment. This “magic in a bottle” is fantastic for shortening the length of a breakout. With key ingredients such as bentonite clay and activated charcoal (which both draw toxins out of the skin) and white willow bark (which contains salicylic acid to fight and prevent breakout) a pimple doesn’t stand a chance!
Other ingredients such as benzoin and clary sage soothe the skin and allow it to heal. That is something people often overlook when they have a breakout. If you over-dry your skin, it cannot heal as quickly. Putting it simply- when you suck the life out of your skin, it can’t function the way that it should!! It’s all about balance- just like everything else in life.
Hair, Hair, Go Away....Only If YOU Want It To
I was, once again, listening to an episode of the and it was all about hair- keeping it, getting rid of it and everything in between. The history behind waxing, sugaring and all things hair removal is so interesting...well, at least to me it is!
In this particular episode, they talked about how there is evidence of people removing unwanted hair as far back as the dawn of man! Back then, they speculate that it was to ward off enemies/prey, since hair can sometimes hold onto bacteria and odor. Fast forward to a time where fashion and more “revealing clothing” came to the forefront and showing unwanted hair was passé, in some parts of the world- waxing and other forms of hair removal became very popular and still have remained so.
In keeping with this, I thought I would debunk a few myths around hair removal- mainly related to waxing. Of course, you choose whether you want that hair to stay or go. You do YOU!!

If I wax my lip, will it grow back darker?”...No. It’s not going to happen. I promise. You will, of course, notice your hair growing back, if you choose to let it come back in, but waxing it will not change the color or thickness of your hair. I promise.
“My hair grows really fast so I don’t have to let it grow for the full 2-3 weeks that my esthetician recommends.”...False. If you want to get the best results from your waxing- Let. It. Grow!!! Give it the full amount of time to allow all of the hair to come through! It makes all the difference. Hide your razor and the tweezers!

If I shave in between my waxing appointments, it doesn’t make a difference.” False! You cut a blunt end when you shave and then lose that smooth, “soft” edge that waxing your hair creates, when the new growth comes in. Therefore, when you wax again, you get a better result. The wax can adhere to the hair so much better if you stick to just waxing and skip the razor in between.
Today’s quote is more of just an industry joke that I came across that made me chuckle. This is for all of the times that someone asks me to repeat what my job title is...

“I put people to sleep during a facial, not before surgery, like an anesthesiologist!”

As always, thanks for reading.

With so much gratitude-