Everything's Gonna Be OK


Everything's Gonna Be OK

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a while since I have sat down to write. So much has happened and so little has happened- all at once!! Full disclosure- I was actually under contract to buy a new space and was dreaming all the big dreams for it...but it didn't happen. Moving forward and pivoting yet again! I am diving right back into looking and that is where I am right now. It's going to happen people....it has to happen.

I also have begun the process of learning a fabulous new skincare line that I will be using in my treatments when I reopen. This has had me super, duper excited. The way these facial products are created is completely aligned with how I feel every, single treatment should be for my clients. It is a full line of ingredients that can be mixed and matched so that each treatment is completely tailored towards the individual for that day, at that moment.

Think about it sort of like someone gave you a bunch of ingredients to cook with. Depending on what you were in the mood for, you would create something different every time! Perhaps you would make a "one pot wonder" (which is what I often do in my house!! :) or you could create an elaborate four course meal. Either way- no meal is going to be exactly the same. 

That is exactly the way Botnia Skincare has been created and I am over the moon about it. It is breathing new life into my love for treatments and getting me super jazzed to get back into loving all over your gorgeous faces again. Side note- I am the first Esthi in Maryland to work with this line so woohoo for me!! 

Diving into this new line is also helping me focus on exactly what I want and need in this new home for my business. All the little added touches that I have always dreamed of having- if I was ever lucky enough to create something of my own which I am going to make happen. 

My husband gave me a sign this past holiday season that says "Everything's Gonna Be OK." Little did I know that this sign would be my flippin' lifeline- my mantra. Something I would need to repeat to myself often. 

SO here I am telling you that it will all be okay. Whatever hard thing you are going through right now. You're going to get through it. Somehow. Someway. Find something to get you excited and motivated to make it happen. 

"Do not lose hope, please believe there are a thousand beautiful things waiting for you. Sunshine comes to all who feel the rain." - R.M. Drake

Thank you for still reading my ramblings. I appreciate it more than you know. 
With Gratitude-