Give The Earth Some Love

Give the Earth Some Love

Happy Earth Day!!
I hope you are going to get outside and enjoy the spring air today. For me, Earth Day is a reason to celebrate this gorgeous planet that we are lucky enough to live on. It is 4.5 BILLION years old...think about that one. Just incredible.
The first “Earth Day” wasn’t officially celebrated until 1970—that’s only 50 years ago, for those of you keeping track. We are a little late to the game in becoming aware of how we care for this gorgeous place, but better late than never!! SO, maybe today is the day that you look into starting a compost bin, or perhaps take notice of ways you can reduce your plastic use, or even start your own garden. Small changes definitely add up.
RFE Update
Earlier this week, the governor of Maryland stated that schools would not reopen until May 18th, so at this point, I cannot plan on reopening until after that date. I am hoping that by then, salons and spas will be in a safe place to reopen. I TRULY miss being in my space and doing my job, but for now, I am focusing my energy on how I can help you from my home.
All RFE products will be fully stocked by the end of next week, so please let me know if you want to pre-order anything to ensure you get the items you need. A few items that I know will go fast, because I have had so many inquires as to when they will be back in stock, are Balance Cleanser, both Purify and Radiant facial bar soaps and the Adore serum.
I am still loving the CBD products I am testing out and my plan is to have them as part of my product offerings in May. Stay tuned for that one!
Another addition to my own personal use, that will eventually be added to my list of services is Gua Sha. This ancient form of healing—pronounced (Gwa Sha)—comes from the Chinese word for “scraping.”
This technique has been used for centuries on the body to relieve tension and pain, encourage lymphatic drainage, and help with circulation. Using this technique on the face, using a variety of gems/stones, relaxes tension in the facial muscles which can cause fine lines and wrinkles.
With regular use, this technique can help tone the skin, promote increased elasticity, improve circulation, and decrease inflammation. I am working on my practice at home and I am SO excited to share this with you when my doors open back up.
Sunscreen While You Are at Home?
Yup, you heard that right! I have to be completely honest—this is something I honestly had not thought or read much about. However, after lots of research and learning about the newest sun care line I am carrying, I have realized I have totally been missing the boat on this! There are, of course, studies arguing both sides of this, but many of them show that long-term blue light exposure (think computer screens and cell phones) can possibly cause skin damage, inflammation and weakening of the skin’s surface.
​Simply put, studies are starting to show that the skin is showing signs of photo-damage from repeated exposure to this type of light. WHO KNEW? Most of you probably already apply a sunblock with your morning moisturizer, but if you’re not, this is just another reason why you should be!
With most of us glued to our screens right now, this is just a friendly reminder to do your morning skincare routine, every day, and apply that sun protection!

A New Take on Sun Protection
So what is this magical new sun care line that I have been so elusive about?? It’s called Solara Suncare and I am so in love with it—for SO many reasons.
First off, it was started by local Maryland woman who was frustrated by the “organic” and “natural” options on the market. You know what I mean....they either leave you looking like Casper the Ghost after you apply it or the ingredients are actually NOT NATURAL. At all. Look at your ingredients please!!! So many of these so-called “natural sunscreens” are filled with things that actually are harmful to your skin.
Solara Suncare is CLEAN—yes, it actually is. These products are free of the common offenders that disrupt our skin’s health and the environment. The packaging is sustainable, and as mentioned in my earlier post, it has lovely little messages inside each box.
They also have this magical blend called “PlantDFNS” that is a blend of responsibly sourced plant actives to increase protection against the sun and environmental/digital aggressors and repair your skin after exposure. SO, not only does this fabulous product protect your skin from damage, it is chock full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help stimulate collagen and elastic production, cell repair, and improve the skin’s barrier function.
There’s more! The type of zinc that is used is non-nano and non-coated. This can actually help with things like eczema, rosacea and other skin inflammatory issues. It’s also vegan, cruelty free, and they avoid using ingredients that are reef-harming.
If you are interested in purchasing Solara Suncare, make use of my current “SELFCARE” promo code to receive 10% off your purchase of these products and all other products on my website.
Enjoy your “Earth Day” today. We have so many reasons to celebrate. I saw this quote and got a chuckle out of it. I hope you do too. 

“Good planets are hard to find. Don’t blow it”
- Unknown

With so much gratitude,