Gratitude and Joy

Gratitude and Joy
Happy Wednesday!!
Does anyone else feel like this month is flying by? I cannot believe we are already in the thick of the holidays. The saying "the days are the long, but the years are short" definitely applies to my life right now. How about you? 
I started this blog in February of this year- not long before our world and everyday lives were turned upside down. When it began, I was looking to find a way to connect with people that perhaps I would not see in a treatment room, due to geographical boundaries, budget constraints or a variety of reasons. I was also hoping to find a way to share my knowledge, thoughts and ideas on skincare to anyone that was willing to read about it. I feel like this is something I have accomplished, so far.
Now, here I am, ten months later and this blog has taken on a completely different meaning to me. It has been a lifeline, at times. I had no idea how drastically my life would change when this all began and how much I would need these weekly entries. I really ran with the “more than” in the “More Than Skin Deep” title- that’s for sure! 
Today's entry is my way of saying, "thank you." Thank you for reading, sharing, responding and  (hopefully) finding joy in these weekly entries. I am incredibly grateful to have found a way to connect, when our world, at times, seemed very lonely. Thank you to those of you that made the time to share your thoughts with me, through emails and texts, when I wrote about something that was meaningful to you. Those messages warmed my heart.
Thank you to those of you that supported my business with your purchases and gifts, helped to build my social media presence and for trusting me with your skin. It is an honor to be able to still provide a service to you- even if it is virtually or with my products. It has given me a purpose, when, at times, I wasn’t sure what that purpose was, outside of my home and family. 
Although this has been a tough year for all of us, in very, very different ways, I hope you were able to find some joy in the little things and to be grateful for what you may not have even been aware of or noticed before. It is not always easy to do, but it makes a world of a difference. 

 "Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings."

-William Arthur Ward

I know this entry may sound like I am leaving, but I am not going anywhere!! I will just be pausing through the holidays and will pick back up after the new year. Over these next few weeks, I hope that you hold your loved ones tight (four legged or two legged), take care of yourself, and give yourself grace and love. Let’s go into this new year remembering all that we have been through and learn from it. We shouldn’t want to forget what has happened, because this year has changed us all. With this change, let’s be patient, kind, loving, encouraging, empathetic human beings. Let’s remember how good it feels to slow down and enjoy the present. Let’s help each other and lift one another up. This is my new year’s wish. :)

As always, thank you for reading. 
With Gratitude-