Helpful Hints And Food For Thought

 Helpful Hints and Food for Thought

Happy Wednesday! 
It is Wednesday, right? Anyone else losing track of the days lately? I am just embracing it. I had to chuckle because when I wrote the days out for our May calendar, I had nothing to fill it in with. It’s WIDE open. It’s sort of freeing though. At least I won’t forget that we had to be somewhere! 
RFE Update 
Patience. That’s what I keep telling myself. It will all work out the way it’s supposed to. For now, you have my support through emails and phone calls and of course through my website. If there are any new products you are hoping to get your hands on, let me know! I would love to hear about your thoughts. 
Helpful Hints for At Home Skincare 
I have had so many questions recently about skincare and what things are beneficial and what are not. I thought I would give a little summary of some tips and tricks to make sure you are getting the most out of your regimen—especially since you cannot come in for your regular facials! 
Facial cleansers. SO many to choose from—oil, cream, gel, exfoliating—just to name a few. It should be entirely based on your skin type. Not what your friends love to use or what you see your fav IG celebrity supporting—what’s best for YOUR skin type. Of course this rule applies to all of your skin care products. Yes, I said it. Just because “insert the name of whoever your favorite celebrity is” uses something and swears by it, DOES NOT mean it’s meant for your gorgeous face! 
Chronic dry skin? Use a cream cleanser. Love applying a full face of makeup every day? Do a double cleanse—starting with an oil cleanser and then moving on to whichever suits your skin. No matter what you choose, always keep this in mind—your skin should never feel super squeaky clean, tight or look red and irritated after you wash your face. 
If you do, it means you have already stripped your skin of its natural balance and defenses. It’s not the greatest place to start your routine. Also, check your water temp too, meaning always wash with tepid water, not blazing hot.
Yes, you should use an eye cream—every, single, day…starting in your 20s if possible. Your daily moisturizer is not enough. The skin around your eyes is a totally different animal and should be treated as such. 
Too exhausted to take the time to do your routine right before bedtime? Don’t wait until then! If you find that by 9-10pm you don’t have the energy to do a full regimen, make it a habit to do this after dinner. Or maybe when you get home from work (or when log off, if you are working from home.) That way you have it checked off your list and won’t be prone to skipping that crucial step to care for your skin. 
Do you use a washcloth to cleanse your face? Make sure it is a clean one, every time. I buy the packs of baby washcloths because they are the perfect size for your face, you can get a lot of them for not a lot of $$ and they are super soft. 
Hopefully those were helpful to you, in some way. If you ever have any questions at all, please feel free to email me.
One Last Thought
I have had lots of epiphanies over the last two months and one of them recently was that the competition is over. I am the furthest thing from a competitive person, but we all have a little bit in us- its human nature. 
However, right now, no one is trying to go above and beyond to look “better” than someone, or trying to out-do each other on social media, or step on their coworkers to get where they want to be in their careers. We have all been forced to strip that all away and do the opposite—HELP each other. ACCEPT each other and ourselves, gray hair and all (or sparkle, as one of my hairdresser friends taught me). 
What a beautiful thing. I can only hope that at least a few of the lessons we are learning right now will stick with us for a lifetime.
With so much gratitude,