Happy Wednesday!

It's been a minute since I have written an entry. I have had a lot going on and I haven't take the time to sit down and write. I know these are excuses, but here I am- once again- writing an entry that has nothing to do with skincare. :)

Are you a person that looks for signs- when you're really unsure of something and you just need some extra guidance? I am definitely a believer. I won't say that I let it guide my entire life, of course, but it helps to give me that nudge when I am on the fence about something or when I need some reassurance. 

On my wedding day, a dragonfly rested on the train of my dress for a solid ten minutes, or so. This may seem strange or unimportant, but in my family, dragonflies have always been a sign that my father is around. It's what we look for when we want to know that he is still here with us. It was a beautiful moment that thankfully was caught on camera by our photographer. 

When my husband and I were in the process of looking for a new home to purchase eight years ago, I was fairly certain we had found "the one." It fit most of the criteria we were looking for, but it was not necessarily in the area we thought we would buy in. I wanted to do one last drive by on my way home from work, one evening, just to see exactly how far it would be for my commute. As I came around the bend leading up to the house, I saw my car parked in the driveway. The sellers owned the exact make, model and color of the car that I was driving at the time. It was like I was seeing me in my new home already! 

My mother and I did the usual college visits when I was deciding where to go my senior year of high school. I had it narrowed down to four state schools in New York. We visited all of them and the one I ended up choosing was a fantastic fit for me. However, what pushed me to choose this one was that is was sunny and warm the day we went there. Students were outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather. The days we went to the other schools, it was gloomy and rainy. Let me say now that this was not a decision I probably should have based on weather, but I had done all of the research already and was already leaning towards this school to begin with because it was one of the best in the state program. However, it just felt right, that day seeing blue skies and happy college students around me. The irony though, is on orientation day, our tour guide told us that that area sees less than 150 days of sunshine all year round because of the lake effect cloud coverage!! 

The latest "sign" is one that I saw in front of the building that I am actually in the process of trying to purchase in order to re-open my practice. (Yes- fingers crossed- this is finally happening!) I realized this past week that it is surrounded by peony bushes which are flowers that used to be in the garden of my childhood home and have always been a favorite of mine. My sister and I actually used to pull the petals off, put them in jars filled with water and then somehow hoped it would turn into perfume, which shockingly never happened! :)

What I have realized now, as I have gotten a bit older and wiser, is that we really only see the signs when we ready. We already know, intuitively, how we feel about something. However, when we are ready to take the leap, having that little something to guide us, still can be helpful, every once in a while!

"You can ask the universe for all the signs you want, but ultimately, we see what we want to see when we're ready to see it."
-Ted, "How I Met Your Mother"

As always, thank you for reading.
With Gratitude-