Teaching Our Young Ones Healthy Habits


Healthy Habits
Happy Wednesday!
You may have noticed I took a week off from writing and I kind of needed it. I was feeling a little burned out and needed to take some time to myself. I am back though and ready to take in this new Spring energy to start moving forward!!

I often get questions from customers regarding what products to use on young skin (teens and tweens) and in the past I have had to do my own digging to see what I trust at the drugstores or online. It can be really, really difficult to find products that truly cater towards issues that young adults deal with and that aren't filled with chemicals. SO, I am sure you know where I am going with this.....Yes! Rachel Ferraro Esthetics is launching teen/tween skincare sets!! 

There are two sets to choose from: Moon and Sun. Moon is meant more for combo/oily/acne skin types and Sun is for dry/sensitive/normal skin. Each set contains a facial cleansing bar, a toner and a hydrating serum. They are packaged in an adorable travel bag and come with an informational card inside. 

This has been a project that has involved the whole family. My girls have been the ultimate product testers with way more opinions than I thought they would have! I heard comments like, "Eww mommy, that smells like dirt and peanut butter!" (obviously that one didn't pass the test! ) or "Yes, that's exactly what the cool teenagers would want!" :) They have also weighed in on product design and packaging, so you can rest assured it is "kid approved." 

What I hope to achieve with these sets are to encourage a healthy and balanced skincare routine at a young age. As caregivers and parents, we talk about healthy eating habits and movement and taking care of your skin should be no exception! I also hope to encourage self-care in young adults. We preach that "you can't pour from an empty cup" and setting up this type of foundation in their lives early on is crucial to creating the mentality of doing small things daily to take care of and love your body. 

Social media shows false images of "flawless skin" to our youth daily and it is so important for us to set that record straight. No one is perfect. No "body" is perfect and no "skin" is perfect. What is this insane expectation of "perfection" that is being thrown at them (and us, as adults) and how can we correct these crazy stories we tell ourselves?? Educating our young ones and giving them the proper tools are such an important step in caring for themselves- including their skin. 

In keeping with this mission, I am super excited and proud to announce that I am partnering with an amazing local family therapy practice- Roots to Wings. They offer multiple "Tween Talk Sessions" throughout the year. This group is for girls (ages 10-12) and it focuses on self-love, self-awareness, self-acceptance, and body image or self-esteem. I couldn't love this more and I am thrilled that a portion of every teen/tween skincare set sold with be donated to a scholarship fund to enable a young woman to participate in this group!

This project truly has been a labor of love and has been brewing for a few years now. I am so thrilled to see it come to fruition and be able to partner with a wonderful local organization that fits the mission of caring for and loving yourself- no matter how old you are!

"Loving yourself isn't vanity. It is sanity"
-Katrina Mayer

As always, thank you for reading.
With Gratitude-