The Goods on the Blue (and Green) Beauty Movements

Happy Wednesday!!
We are just a few weeks away from Spring and I am ready for sunnier days, flowers blooming and starting my garden. Has anyone else felt like this has been the never ending winter?? Goodness!
Speaking of flowers and all things growing, I wanted to focus today's entry on a movement that I actually just recently came across in a podcast. This movement involves the beauty industry- consumers and manufacturers- being more aware of how our beauty footprint affects the planet. It is not new, but I hadn't realized there was a term for it. It's called, "Blue Beauty." 
Most of us are familiar with the term, "Green Beauty," which refers to promoting the use of environmentally and socially sustainable products. Unfortunately, there a number of brands that make claims or use misleading advertising to convince consumers that they are "green," when they are not. You really have to do your research these days. Websites that are super helpful in navigating this are the EWG (Environmental Working Group) or the Think Dirty App . They are both an excellent resource if you are unsure if the products you use daily are truly safe.
Let me share this insane excerpt I came across- just to give you some perspective as to how little effort is actually put into controlling the ingredients we use, breath in, and consume every day:
How is this possible?? Apparently this is not a priority and too many companies just care about the bottom line and not about the consumer. It's makes me furious.
More than 13 years ago, I was introduced to my first "green skincare company" and it made so much sense. Why on earth would any beauty company produce anything to put on our skin that contains unhealthy, sometimes toxic, ingredients and on top of that, not take into consideration how it affects nature and our planet?! It is selfish, inhumane and wrong in so many ways. This should just be standard practice!!
The Blue Beauty Movement, which actually started in the mid-90s, actually takes a closer look at how the products in the beauty industry affect our oceans. From the bottles they are packaged in, to the synthetic, plastic granules that can be found in exfoliating personal care products, body wash, toothpaste and makeup. Blue Beauty brands are focused on the rehabilitation and protection of our oceans. More and more beauty brands are making conscious commitments to reduce their chemical and carbon footprint in response to the harm and destruction that the beauty industry is causing to marine life, the health of our oceans and how plastics eventually make their way back into our daily consumption. 
How can you support these causes you might ask? With your choices and your dollar. You have the power to keep companies afloat that are making positive changes in the industry that support our planet, help it thrive and keep us healthy. It's honestly that simple. 
Just an FYI, any products you purchase from my website practice these same beliefs by keeping our planet and your health in mind- always! I will dive into that some more in another blog entry. 
"We are tied to the ocean and when we go back to the sea,
whether it is to sail or to watch, we are going back from whence we came."
As always, thank you for reading.
With Gratitude-