Welcome to the New Website!

Happy Wednesday!
I have so much excitement to share in this entry, so hold on tight!
Happy Fall-officially. The leaves here in Maryland are just barely starting to change, but I am embracing it all- pumpkin spice in my coffee every morning, fall decor is up, including Halloween decorations (I lost the battle I tried fighting with my kiddos), and I have even already worn...my boots! Yes, it’s here, folks and I am ready...ready for all the changes.
Yesterday, I met some family and we visited the local sunflower field, that is open just a few weeks out of year and is one of my favorite ways to kick off the season. It is incredible. You literally cannot walk through it without smiling. I have always felt like daisies and sunflowers are “happy flowers.” To me, it’s hard to see them and not feel some sort of joy. I needed it yesterday. I think we all could use some extra joy right now, right? The world, and more specifically, our country, is a bit of a hot mess, to say the least. We are living through a period of time that will go down in the history books- that is for sure.  Hopefully you are able to find your "sunflower field” or something that can make you smile right now. I am pretty sure you need some joy, too. 

The New Website is Up and Running
Ladies and gentlemen, I am more than proud of this “baby.” Please take the time to  look through the new website and tell me what you think! I hope that it is easy to navigate and that it gives you all the feels, like it does for me.
I have to thank the incredible husband and wife team, R+R Creative Co, that brought my vision to life. They have been so patient and have gone above and beyond for my business. 
Some of the changes you will see are that you can now shop according to your skincare concern. This should be helpful to those of you that are trying to address a specific issue because it will narrow down which products will be the most beneficial to you. 
You will also see the current products I have been carrying, along with a few new items. Something I am super excited to share are the new soap dishes. These gorgeous items were handmade by my cousin. I have such fond childhood memories of playing at her house, with her pottery wheel, so I am beyond excited to be able to sell her beautiful pieces on my website. 
Over the next few weeks, there will be new skincare products added, as well, but you can't rush perfection, so they are taking a bit longer than anticipated. Just hold tight- they will be worth the wait. I promise.
Today's quote was inspirational to me, especially considering the current state of affairs. 

"Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself"
Mahatma Gandhi

We are definitely in the fight, so let's try to find the joy in the process.

As always, thank you for reading.

With Gratitude,