Optimism Eye Balm
Optimism Eye Balm
Optimism Eye Balm

Optimism Eye Balm

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This product can be used day or night, but is fantastic to use in the evening to soothe tired eyes. Packed full of 27 beneficial botanicals, Optimism can smooth the appearance of fine lines, soothe irritated skin, lessen dark circles and puffiness, and maintain healthy elasticity. It is a must for anyone’s daily skincare regimen. 

Star Ingredients: 

  • Albizia - help suppress glycation or cellular molecules, as well as being high in Vit C and antioxidants making it a powerhouse ingredient for supporting sensitive skin health
  • Helichrysum - rejuvenates the look and feel of skin, as well as helping to prevent future wrinkles and dark circles
  • Bilberries - a powerhouse berry that helps to strengthen capillary walls and sensitive skin tissue

Full ingredients: *jojoba, *shea butter, grapeseed, *pomegranate,*evening primrose, * beeswax, olive wax, **spagyrics of : albizia, hibiscus, nymphaea caerulea, with *bilberries, *gingko, *melissa, *rosehips, butterfly pea flower, *saffron, *helichrysum, *violet leaf, eyebright, *st john's wort, *calendula, *mugwort, *geranium rose, *frankincense, *palmarosa, *cypress & *fennel

All ingredients are natural, *organic and/or wild harvested

**Spagyrics are an ancient form of botanical extraction and are extremely potent extracts. They are a combination of energetic healing and literal plant body, spirit, and soul, making them a rare and intelligent botanical ingredient to work with.

For best results: Best if used overnight and/or in the morning. Use at least 10 minutes before you apply any makeup. Use ¼ the size of a pea, at most, for both eyes in total. Smooth around the eye area using light pressure and upward sweeping movements. 

This product will last upwards of 4-5 months, if used as directed!
(Avoid the inner eye cavity and tear duct.)

Size: 10 ml

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