More Than Skin Deep with Rachel.

  Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving preparations this week. For most of us, it will look a bit different, but as long as you have a roof over your head, you are surrounded by love- whether...
Small Business Big Heart
Shop Small and Shop Local- But Why?
I am sure all of you have heard, year after year, how important it is to support small and local businesses. It is a message we are very familiar with. However, this year, and this holiday season, in particular, it is more important than ever to do just that- support local and support small- because it means everything to them!!
Gratitude for Life
Happy Wednesday!! I hope all of you are finally getting some rest after a very turbulent  and emotional week last week. I purposely chose not to write a post because there was just way too much happening. I will not...
A Bit of Magic

So this weekend is Halloween and a full moon. It is also considered a "blue moon" because it is the second full moon in the month of October. We won't see a full moon on Halloween again until 2039 and we won't discuss how old I will be when that happens!! It feels a bit magical to me and we could all use a bit of magic these days, right?! Phew!! Although trick-or-treating may look a bit different this year, I do hope that all of you enjoy it- whatever you do!

Change Your Perspective
I hope you have been enjoying your week. My family and I finally decided to take advantage of the fact that school is happening from home, which means it can happen from anywhere! Hopefully, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but either way, I am more than happy we can get away for a bit
My Story

I know some of your are new to this blog, so I thought it would be perfect timing to tell you more about the story behind creating my brand and becoming an esthetician. If you are someone who has heard all of this before, you may still read something new that might surprise you, so hang in there.

Welcome to the New Website!
I have so much excitement to share in this entry, so hold on tight!
Happy Fall-officially. The leaves here in Maryland are just barely starting to change, but I am embracing it all- pumpkin spice in my coffee every morning, fall decor is up, including Halloween decorations (I lost the battle I tried fighting with my kiddos), and I have even already boots! Yes, it’s here, folks and I am ready...ready for all the changes. 
Creatures of Habit
Our family is one week into distance learning and I am over the moon with how well it has gone so far. I really had my reservations as to how this was all going to go down. I had “a moment” the night before school was starting, after everyone was asleep, when I kind of lost it a little....just knowing that here we are, six months since our lives were turned upside down, and not too much has changed. However, when I really gave myself the space to absorb that “moment” I realized that so much has changed- some for the better and some, not so much.
Change of Season
Thank you for giving me time to soak up my last days of summer last week. It still feels so surreal that we just wrapped up Labor Day weekend and now are moving on to the start of a new school year and getting closer to the official start of fall. In our house, the rituals of back to school shopping and gearing up for the big day have been very different, to say the least. I realize now that not having those simple things to “check off our list” has made it feel like the transition to fall really hasn’t happened.
Transitioning Your Skincare Routine
I am writing this from my new work space which, for now, is right next to my children’s new “classroom” and although it seems surreal, it also feels really good. However, the girls now think they can poke around through my lotions and potions which is okay...for the most part!
Creating Space
Today’s note is going to be short and sweet - with just a few thoughts to share. I am sure I will make up for it in the next week or two!!
Just Add Fertilizer
I am back with another garden reference, so I hope you’re not sick of them yet! A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my garden really seemed to be struggling and I was asking for help. (Thank you for your feedback, by the way!) I was trying to figure out where I went wrong- aside from this relentless heat that won’t seem to give up this summer, which I knew was taking a toll on my “babies.”
Keep Playing
This past weekend, my daughters had some time with my in-laws, my husband was gone for most of the afternoon and I actually had a solid seven hours to myself....and it was pretty glorious. Of course I love my family to pieces and I am so grateful to have them, but having this time to myself was needed. I know all of you moms out there know exactly what I mean!!!
Debunking Hair Removal Myths
I wanted to share that I recently spent time with a dear friend and we created vision boards, which is something I had not done before. My girls joined in and made their own, as well. We sorted through magazines to find inspirational quotes and pictures to create our vision for the rest of the year. Clearly any planning or vision we previously had in our minds has gone right out the window!!
Time To Pivot
Am I the only one that has become slightly obsessed with all things gardening over the past few months?? Please tell me I am not alone. Maybe it is just that I have been looking for distractions (healthier ones) or perhaps it’s just that I have had more time and energy to pay attention to what is around me.
This Is Not A Test
I hope that you are all embracing the heat of the summer that we are in the midst of, at least here in Maryland. I always get a bit nostalgic this time of year. I think back to long, hot, sweaty days of riding my bicycle all over the neighborhood, spending way too much time out in the sun, drinking root beer floats from the ice cream shop and loving every second of having freedom and all the time in the world. What are some of your favorite childhood memories of summertime?
It's Time To Respect Your Skin
I am writing this on my birthday (a lucky 7s baby”- born on 7/7/77!!) so I am lucky enough to be celebrating another trip around the sun. I have always joked that I would perhaps win the lottery or have some sort of extra luck with all of those “7s” around me. I would say that so far, I have been lucky in life, which to me is far better than winning the lottery :)
Make The Changes - Small Or Big
Well today is the day! It is the last day in my room that I have been practicing in for the past 5 years. I am so grateful for what that 10x12 space has given me and what I was able to provide for my clients in that space. I am ready and open to what this new chapter will bring. With all the daily changes going on around us and the unknown of what the months ahead will bring, I am staying positive about what I can still provide outside of that space, for now- until I find a new home. Thank you for your continued support through this process.
Take Aging Into Your Own Hands
Summer is officially here and I hope that you all are enjoying these longer, warmer days. I wanted to do some digging to see what the summer solstice meant, other that the first day of summer. Marking the day that the sun is at its highest point in the sky for the year, it is one of the earliest astronomical observations in human history and has been celebrated since ancient times. I also learned that in Latin, solstice means “sun standing still,” referring to the sun’s place in the galaxy on that day specifically.
Benefits Of Natural Skincare Products
I have to start off this message by saying THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. The messages I received after last week’s newsletter/blog were incredible. The thoughtful words, generosity, and complete and total support means more to me than you will ever know. I felt like I had entire cheering squad on my side saying, “GO Rachel! I am so proud of you!” It brought me so much joy. So, thank you, thank you!
A Time Of Change And Rebirth
You may have noticed that I did not reach out last week with a message and it was for good reason. I wanted to pause and reflect on all that is happening around us. So much. So heavy. So much pain and so much hope that something positive will emerge from it.